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For Chronic Conditions (Service Offered By Juhi)

Private Consultation (The Herbal Casa)

As a clinical herbalist & holistic nutritionist, my role is to evaluate, educate, and empower individuals dealing with chronic illnesses.

Experience a holistic approach from enhancing overall well-being by addressing common concerns like fatigue, digestive issues, headaches, insomnia, etc, to successfully managing chronic issues like hypertension, autoimmunity, infertility, etc. My work emphasizes supporting the body’s vitality and balance, fostering a positive journey toward improved health.


Personal Training & Quantum Mind Coaching (Offered by Arjun)

Arjun Chhabra

Contributing towards bringing about a positive change in the community, one person at a time.

Using various tools & skills that I have acquired (& in process of acquiring) — personal training, functional medicine, autonomic response testing, hypnosis, quantum hypnotherapy (Dolores Cannon) & applied psycho-neurobiology. I aim to empower people to reach true wellness (mind-body-spirit) while discovering their true potential & divine nature.

Neuro-Functional Personal Training

Forget the basics of carbs, proteins, and fats – they’re just the tip of the iceberg. It’s time to dive deeper. Your body has its own language, and we need to speak it. Whether you’re gunning for muscle, aiming for peak performance, or pushing your endurance limits, there’s more to the story.

Let’s tap into the mind & shift frequencies while helping your body’s biochemistry strike that natural balance. Watch your goals come closer – faster, with strategic training minus the struggle, and of course, with good nutrition.

Let’s go beyond the usual and uncover what’s holding you back in your fitness journey.

Quantum Mind Coaching

As a Quantum Mind Coach, I’ll be surpassing the conscious mind to help release deeply embedded negative emotions & beliefs that stem from specific life events during the current or past lifetimes. That result in negative thought processes & low vibrational states like depression, anger, unworthiness, etc. While also connecting to your higher self (super-consciousness) to uncover your life purpose & lots more… 

Website Designing

If you need a website that reflects your personality and is tailored for a strong online presence.

I help mom-n-pop shops and other wellness coaches, practitioners, therapists, and professionals like myself create a website that speaks their language and resonates with their audience. By capturing the essence of their unique offerings, it helps connect them authentically with their potential customers.

Feel free to schedule a call with me to share your idea and see how I can help you 🙂

Let your website be more than a platform – let it be a reflection of your passion and a magnet for those who seek what you offer.


Thyroid Wellness (Combined Service by Juhi & Arjun)

1:1 ThyroReGen Program

We have combined forces & work as the Thyroid Coach, as we are passionate about empowering women by supporting them to re-emerge from their suffering due to thyroid conditions, which is sadly rampant and a possible precursor to cancer.

We help them successfully manage their condition by identifying the true root causes & working on achieving equilibrium & harmony on not just the physical level but on the bio-electromagnetic, mind, intuitive levels as well. And guiding them holistically by providing them with the best tools, knowledge & all the support they need using the ThyroReGen Formula that we have devised using our combined knowledge, experience & expertise.