You won’t find the Solution to your struggle in another pill!

Extreme Fatigue, Hair Loss, Constipation, Weight Gain, Anxiety, Dry Skin, Low Libido, Depression, Irregular Periods, Feeling Cold…

It can all be a thing of the past!

Hi! This is Arjun & Juhi, the ‘Thyroid Coach’ We help women suffering from Thyroid dysfunction to re-emerge into Wellness

Juhi is a Clinical Herbalist & Holistic Nutritionist & Arjun is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer (ongoing education in the field of Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, Autonomic Response Testing, Mental Field Technique & Quantum Hypnotherapy). Our interest lies in discovering our true potential & unlocking our body’s innate capabilities. 

We’re passionate about empowering women in their journey to wellness. Helping them manage their hypothyroid condition by identifying the true root causes in their situation that actually led to the problem in the first place. And guiding them holistically by providing them with the best tools, knowledge & all the support they need using the ThyroReGen Formula.

Commonly asked questions related to Thyroid

Q. I have symptoms of hypothyroidism but how can I confirm if I have Hashimoto’s or not?

A. The gold standard diagnostic test is to run an antibodies test. And you need to test for TPO (thyroid perioxidase) antibodies & TG (thyroglobulin) antibodies. Studies show that people who have hashimoto’s will show TPO antibodies but not always TG antibodies & vice versa. And in some cases both antibodies might also show up. However due to fluctuations, its better to retest.

Q. Does thyroid testing change when someone is pregnant?

A. During the third trimester the mother naturally has a weaker thyroid but she benefits from the baby’s thyroid function which is stronger. Hence many times pregnant women feel much better during their third trimester. However, in the first & second trimester (until the baby’s own thyroid is developed), the mother’s need for thyroid hormone is higher hence its important to make sure she has a healthy thyroid function in place. Adequate thyroid function is necessary to sustain a healthy pregnancy. As for the lab tests. Since the mother’s data becomes convolved with the fetus’s. The reference ranges for TSH do vary throughout the trimester (reported by the lab). As estrogen increases, more T4 becomes bound (unavailable) so the pituitary works harder (TSH increases), which is normal.

Q. I don’t have a thyroid gland, what should I do? Do I need iodine? If yes, can I end up taking too much?

A. If the thyroid gland has been taken out, there would be a total dependence on hormone medications. Ideally in such cases a combined T4/T3 compound medication or ideally a natural thyroid extract could be taken. Iodine will still be needed to replete cells in other parts of the body (esp. the breasts, uterus) however the iodine won’t help to make more thyroid hormone. If the entire thyroid was taken out (making sure it was with both lobes) vs just partially removed or irradiated, iodine will not help thyroid hormone production. Yes indeed, one can get overdosed with iodine hence high dosing should be cautioned & should only be taken with the guidance of your doctor or functional medicine practitioner.


Q. Does hypothyroidism affect my blood sugar levels? Can it lead to type 2 diabetes?

A. In the presence of hypothyroid function many bodily functions are slowed down as a survival mechanism. And since thyroid hormone is necessary for pancreatic function & glucose metabolism, it can lead to reduced cellular uptake of glucose, insulin resistance & more fat storage.

Q. I had my thyroid removed & have been taking synthroid (T4 only). Can my body still convert T4 to T3?

A. In short, yes. When someone is missing a thyroid, they should still theoretically be able to convert T4 to T3 since majority of the conversion takes place in the liver (in the intestines & kidneys to some degree & to a lesser degree in a wide variety of cells).

Q. I have thyroid symptoms but normal lab results!?

A. Just like the gut-brain connection, there’s also the ‘Gut microbiome – thyroid connection’. About 20% of the T4 to T3 conversion takes place in the gastrointestinal tract. One little known role of the gut bacteria is to assist in converting inactive T4 into the forms T3 sulfate (T3S) & triidothyroacetic acid (T3AC). These forms then need to be converted to the active form of thyroid form T3. And this requires an enzyme called intestinal sulfatase. Which is only available in the presence of healthy gut bacteria! Hence intestinal dysbiosis causes reduction in the conversion of T3S & T3AC to T3! This is one of the reason why people with poor gut health may have thyroid symptoms but normal labs.

Q. Does hypothyroid function cause elevation in LDL?

A. T3 thyroid hormone promotes LDL receptor s on cells which helps the body to bind cholesterol & escort it out of the body as needed via the liver & gastrointestinal tract. Hence lower levels of T3 will result in lower clearance of LDL cholesterol from the blood. Though its important to note that LDL is not necessarily harmful. Here’s a study you can explore.

Is Hypothyroidism making you pay a huge price??

  • Exhaustion plaguing your day-to-day life?
  • Low libido disrupting your relationship & intimacy with your partner?
  • Depression & anxiety killing your desire & aspirations to pursue your goals?
  • Hair thinning & fat gain impacting your confidence, body image & self-esteem?
  • Irregular & painful periods driving you crazy?
  • Digestive issues adding onto your discomfort & suffering?
  • You’ve tried different doctors, coaches, practitioners, diets, pills, courses, books,…. But nothing works?

How would your life be different if you….

  • Felt comfortable & energetic throughout the day
  • Had amazing sex & intimacy taking your relationship to the next level
  • Felt vibrant, energized & healthy that provided you the freedom to pursue your goals
  • Carried yourself with confidence without body image issues
  • Invested your time & money doing what you loved

1:1 ThyroReGen Program

The following programs are not for you if:

+ You’re looking for someone to recommend many different supplements or functional tests. Since we believe in & respect the body’s wisdom, we strive to work with, not against.

+ You’re looking out for protocols & diets. Since our approach is tailor-made for every individual we work with

+ You need a quick fix. Rome wasn’t built overnight & neither is health!

+ You need someone to manage pharmaceutical drugs. We do not prescribe or take people on or off medications. Neither do we manage or adjust or replace them. We are not doctors.

+ You need diagnosis or treatment. Like we said, we’re not doctors.

Program Features:

– Significant positive outcome using our proven 3-step ThyroReGen Formula!!

– Nailing down & working towards eliminating the unique root causes that have led to your condition

– Highly tailored bio-individualized step-by-step guidance on ‘How to successfully manage your chronic condition’

– Detoxification along with education & support on ‘How to reduce of your unique toxic burden’ that is one of the major contributing factors to dis-ease

– Gut & hepatic-biliary (Digestive Relief) support

– Variety of tools & techniques for successfully managing, fatigue, constipation, brain fog, excess weight gain, infertility, hair thinning & loss, etc

– Providing you the rightful knowledge & explanation of each & every step you’ll be taking & every tool you’ll be using so that you never fall into the dis-ease pitfall ever again!

– Support at every step! We’ll be there for you whenever you need us!

– Individualized food & supplement recommendations along with support for Meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists, how to eat out healthy, etc

– Development of a positive mindset, confidence, motivation, mental & emotional support.

– Guidance for staying fit & tailored support for exercise or activity of your choice 

– Blood work & lab analysis

– And lots more…

Program Details:

# One 60min call for initial case study & health history analysis, which is detailed & extensive (to learn more about you) 

# 60min Sessions (9 in total) – valid for 6 months

# Unlimited email support

Please Note:

In an effort to provide exclusive service & support to our clients on an extensive level with great focus. We only work with a handful of individuals at a time. Hence, program availability is limited (Wait list registration thereafter)


*Prices subject to change & payment plan available

(Let’s find out if we’re a good fit by clicking on the button below to schedule a free discovery call. Over the call, we will be discussing your current health issues, and wellness goals while also answering any questions that you may have. This discovery call would enable us to determine if it would be a good idea to work together or not)

If you have completed the 1:1 ThyroReGen Program and feel the need for further support. You have the option of purchasing a wellness session or a package of 3 wellness sessions (valid for 3 months) based on your requirements & preferences.

Single 60-min Session


3 Wellness Sessions (60-mins each) — Valid for 3 months


ThyroReGen 1:1 Program FAQs

Q. What happens after i signup for the program?

A. You’ll receive the intake forms, which you need to fill up and submit. Thereafter, you will be asked to schedule your first call with us at your convenience.

Q. Where will the sessions be conducted?

A. The sessions will be conducted online. However if you desire a in-person session & are located in the state of Castilla & Leon or Madrid, it can be made possible (additional cost may be involved depending on your location)

Q. Can I pause or cancel the program?

A. You can pause the program (but not the payments if you’re paying the 3 monthly installments). Cancellation is not possible once you send in the intake forms filled & signed by you. Just the way you cannot cancel the payment of a television, you just bought on a monthly installment plan.

Q. Are the costs of supplements & lab tests included in the program price?

A. No, the costs of supplements & lab tests are not included in the program price. However you won’t be required to do any lab tests unless absolutely necessary. 

Q. How much would i need to spend on supplements &/or botanicals?

A. Depending on your requirements, budget & choices it might cost you between €20 to €150 per month.

Q. My query is not listed.

A. You could email us with your query directly at